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Day of Eternity

A very long time ago, long before the fall of the Roman Empire; long before the rise of the Byzantines and the Turks; long before Columbus embarked on his epic journey; long before the Industrial Revolution; something momentous happened, something that rocked the very foundation of the cosmos occurred.

It began on a seemingly normal day like this one…
Three of them held their breaths as they waited for the exact moment that would bring light to the universe; to the souls of men down below. Their tension was captivating—not out of fear, but in breathless anticipation of what will occur soon. An event that had been foreseen by sages, sung of in epic ballads, and recorded in the remotest history of the cosmic calendar. It would in effect, split time into two—forever.
One of them, their elder, sighed, and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. The second, their youngest, smiled at him in understanding.
“Any moment from now, joy would fill the universe, and permeate every living being,” he said.
“We have waited for a long time. Such a historic event for them,” the third, and the fairest chipped in. He also had the special privilege of being a messenger for The One.
The second, with his face creased face creased in contemplation, observed, “I wonder if they would understand what he is doing for them by this act. Such love baffles me even in eternity.”
Their eldest and wisest, said, “In the fullness of time, they will. Their hearts were made for him, you know.”
“Of course I understand that fact. But their hearts could always stray. We can’t forget that it was their reckless actions that prompted this act of his,” he prodded, pained by the memory.
“Yet, it was for them that he left here—though in reality, he never left—we can never understand such mysteries. It confounds even our kind, with all our intelligence,” the second said.
“This may be the way The One brings them closer to him. Things would not have occurred this way, if he did not have a grander plan,” the eldest added. He looked below, and the tension mounted. The woman below has delivered! It was time.
The third said, as he flapped his wings, “Such as this.”
“Such as this,” they agreed in unison.
With a final wave and a smile, he flew down, into the clouds, to spread the first message of hope for humanity. The others watched as spectacular events occurred in cascades—the moon danced in its brilliance, and the stars chirped happily as their joy could not be contained. All living things felt him come, they all reverenced his majestic birth.
Then with the greatest joy known to them, the remaining two joined their choir as they opened their hearts in joyful songs. The universe would never again be the same.
As they sang above, below, a swaddling child cried out, its cries a music to the world, its tears, a redemptive salve to the hearts of men. As the parents looked lovingly at him, he smiled at them, the parents felt their hearts explode with love. Such was the joy abound.
Soon, some respectable men sought the babe. They came in, saw the child and bowed in awe. Their guiding star led them true, no doubt about that. Then they offered him their gifts of love and appreciation.
As those above looked, they increased the tempo of their voices as in unison they bowed to their master.
Many years later, men would remember this day as say to one another, “MERRY CHRISTMAS.”
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