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“Boy Lost in the City” — A Short Story by Somtoochukwu Benedict Ezioha

I had what most of my mates craved for. I had the money, the cars, the women, the flashy lifestyle, everything. But I had no peace; it was all vanity. You know, when people mentioned the word ‘vanity’, I used to think that they were mediocre people without ambitions and drive to succeed. But I was terribly wrong. Vanity, is the summation of my current situation in life.

I had been born by parents who were modest in all their dealings. Even their means of livelihood were modest. Early in life, my father had drummed it into me that I should not be swayed by money and titles, that all those things were vanity. I thought that I listened to him, till I came into the university. The university is a place to make or mar someone’s life.

Immediately I came in, I was amazed at how young boys drove expensive, flashy cars. What attracted me most to their life was how girls seemed to jump at them. I determined to be amongst these guys who had all the money and power in school.

I had a tough time befriending one of them, but in the end, I was his pseudo-friend. He would take me to parties, buy anything I ordered, and spend lavishly without batting an eyelid. I kept on pestering him to ‘show me the way’ but he was adept in deflecting my questions. Till one day.

That day, he had called me to a bar. As we were drinking, he got a call. From the conversation I overheard, fifteen million naira had been paid into his account. After the call, he wanted us to go clubbing. I was very upset with him and begged him to tell me how he made such staggering amount of money. He promised to let me know after we were done clubbing.

After our clubbing that night, he then disclosed the secret of his wealth to me. According to him, if I did what he just said, I would be having endless streams of money. The idea of having a bountiful amount of money seduced me so much that I didn’t give a thought to the intricacies involved in his work.

I was taken to a place where I was instructed on what to do. I’d been assured that if I adhered religiously to what I was told, money would be my servant. The idea of that was too good to be true.

My first task was to sacrifice a pregnant girl with a pregnancy not more than two months old. Sincerely, I was shocked by what they told me, but with the alternating threats and promises, I had no other avenue to escape. I was hooked, I had a complete the task.

I had a girlfriend who I suspected to be pregnant for me again. She had aborted my child before and was pressing me to make some sort of commitment to her. I knew she would do, if she was really pregnant as I suspected. I took her to a hotel, and she confirmed my suspicions by saying that she was pregnant. We had rounds upon rounds of sex.

When we were done, as she was sleeping, I placed a piece of yellow cloth on her face. The cloth was to make her never to wake up again. I then brought out a butcher’s knife and proceeded to cut out the necessary parts for the sacrifice. I chopped off both her breasts and some other parts. Finally, I brought a place and placed it inside her vagina. This was to sacrifice all her unborn children too. I then took my bath and left.

Two days after that, I got a credit alert of twenty five million naira from an unknown source. The arrival of the money changed me entirely. As per the instructions I was given, I spent lavishly in clubs and hotels, spent on girls. But with each girl I slept with, I took her womb and destiny. She would be useless in life. Also every last Tuesday of the month, I was required to sleep with a man. If I failed to heed even one of these instructions, I would run mad instantly and all my family members would die.

I was living an ostentatious life in campus; I spent money, bought lavish cars for both my parents and was living in a duplex off campus. All my former friends were pestering me to give them some money to start up businesses with, but that wasn’t possible. I could not give anyone money to do something useful. Not unless I wanted the person to also be useless. They all saw me as wicked and heartless.

My life of luxury continued. I sacrificed girls, their wombs or some other parts that were required, and I got more money than I could spend. At some point, I took no interest in my education and quit schooling. That was in my third year of school. Why should I continue with that charade of education when I had money already?

Then I was asked to do something I never bargained for; something which would make me totally without conscience and render me soulless. I was required to sacrifice my mother for life-long protection and wealth. That was the height of it all. I told them that I wanted out. But they promised hail and brimstone should I ever attempt to divulge anything I knew.

As I’m writing this note, my life is over. Five days ago, my mother had died of internal bleeding of which the cause was unknown. They had given me a notice that they would come for my life. I can’t let that happen.

This note is for everyone especially the youths. Do not rush into wealth because of your peers, the costs are too high. Life of ill-gotten wealth must pay you back in some twisted and hurtful way. Please heed my warning. And the girls, be extremely careful of the men you follow. The number of girls I’ve rendered useless pains me the most. In the end, the people I cared most about could not enjoy the wealth with me, what was now the use?

I brought out the gun from my briefcase, it’s cold, hard surface a comfort to me. I slid my hand inside the trigger, pressed the barrel to my head and with a last prayer for forgiveness, pressed the trigger.

And I went blank, forever.


In a world most people didn’t even think of, a young girl sat at the bank of a river looking at the vast expanse of the river which divided her from the object of her interest. Suddenly she saw her mother at the opposite bank. She stood up and waved; her mother smiled, sadness etched on her face.

Then as others watched, the girl’s glow brightened. She was now the brightest person in her world. Both her parents were dead. She was now their leader. They slowly bowed acknowledging her supremacy.


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