“The Race” — A Poem by Maureen Kenechukwu

The sound of the whistle

Loud as a dropped missile
The rush of my adrenaline,
As the sun scorched my skin
Disturbing the level of melanin
Making drops of sweat thick
Gasping for air, I moan
Dehydrated, tongue sore
Should I give up, I say
Oh legs,why laze away?
How far can I go
As my shabby leg stumble low,
I knew the worse came
Falling on the ground, I lay
Rumbling of thunder
Will it rain, I wonder
O’lord help me, I pray
Hearing a voice say
Oh yeah of little faith
My bravery escaped
Looking back
Seeing my mentor clap
Made my fear fizzle
Then, it drizzled
Drops of rain grain
Getting on my feet, I say
I can’t be defeated
Taking heavy steps
I met my opponent
Drawing close to him
I conquered
I thrived
I survived

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