Girl in a Boat

Looking at the curls of her hair, I wondered why we hadn't done this earlier. Maybe because I was afraid of losing her, but then again, was she really mine? The sea had always called out to her; she belonged to the sea, her every action revolved around it. As I paddled away from the shore, she tentatively raised the lantern, it's light reflecting on the water. I had a phobia of water, but I resist the urge to cower, she needs me, and I need her. But first, she had to find her mother's grave, which was inside the sea. You see, according to reports, her mum was brutally raped and thrown into the sea; and even though it's been two years since the madman was incarcerated, she could not find closure, not unless she found the place where her mother gave up the ghost. Perhaps after that, I can look forward to a future with the woman who has become everything to me.

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