19th November, 2017,

Dear Atlantis,

I guess you already know it's me, though this is the first time I'm writing to you. Right from my birth, you've been there; you've watched every step I took, every decision I made, every breath I drew, now I want to know why.

Everyone had been talking about you, young and old, rich and poor, male and female. And each person with a different view of who exactly you are. Some say you're beautiful — as if you are a woman, or some sort of female entity, others that you're nonexistent. Still others loathe you very much, in a way I can understand them. You can be really annoying sometimes. Some have even named you the best thing in life. Maybe you are, maybe you're not. We'll have to see.

Amidst all the rant and rave about you, I guess I was intrigued too; I've always been drawn to mysteries. And then you shackled me. Ripped me into pieces and planted what I cannot understand inside of me. That feeling, of someone being the most important thing, the nucleus of my life was caused by you, wasn't it?

Since you couldn't be found, at least physically, I had to embody you, personify you. She became the living incarnate of you, Atlantis. Everything you've put inside me, I saw in her. I became entangled in such a way that my soul was merged with you in her. Did she ever know that you were inside her?

Funny enough, she never really understood what she meant to me, your essence; I longed to belong to you through her, but she kept me at bay, built a wall more impregnable than the ancient walls of China. I tried to reach you, oh, I tried but she wouldn’t let me. And as I looked, you left her.

You never care about me or how I feel, right? If you did, you would understand that I had grown attached to her; you would have noticed that she meant more to me than she did before. But you just left. I now had to leave her and look for you again. Only this time, I know you would be very hard to find. I had been so used to her that for me to look elsewhere for you would be a Herculean task, forsaking all I thought I knew about you, and starting all over again. The most daunting task is that I have to find you in another person.

Recently, I came upon a group of weary sojourners like me. They were many. People in their thousands, or perhaps millions, sat at the bank of huge river. Before us lay River Unknown. I looked at their gaunt, haunted faces and marveled at the number of people you draw towards yourself. I remember looking into a young woman’s eyes and seeing what looked like you, but wasn’t really you. It felt strange. She had seen you in a different person, a man. As I walked about, I noticed people who had given up hope of crossing the river and seeing you, some had even forgotten how they came there in the first place.

Why would you treat people like this? I looked at the horizon and saw a flicker of light, barely perceptible, but it was enough. I am coming for you. And you will tell me why you treated me — treated us — so. I rallied the people around, we had to find a way across the river.

“Come people, I see Atlantis!” I cried.

“Atlantis? What is that?” a man queried?

“Atlantis!” I shouted, pointing at the light, which was now shining brighter but farther away.

“Oh, you mean the Grail? You cannot get her. She doesn’t want to be found,” replied one frail woman. She was clutching her babe with a tenuous hold, as if she was tired of life.

“What do you mean ‘the Grail’? That is the El Dorado!” another young man chipped in. He was rather handsome looking with bloodshot eyes. He was on a wheel of some sort.

Why were they calling you different names Atlantis? Could it be that…? Wait a minute… you appear differently to different people right? I knew it! This has given me more reason to get to you. And I promise you, no matter how long it takes me, I’ll find you! And when I do… God help you…

In the twilight of the day, I stood by the bank of the river and looked at your light, it was now my beacon. It will always be. Suddenly, a girl walked up to me and asked,

“What are you looking at?”

I pointed at your light.

“Oh, that’s Love. I came to find her too. She left the day my father died.”

Atlantis, the Grail, El Dorado, Love, I guess you have many names, but I am getting to know you better, and I’m going to find a way out of here and find you.

For now, goodbye, Atlantis.

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