We Need More Communication

The 21st century! Magnificent in its technological advancements and its allure. I mean, look around you, forty years ago, there are many things that were nonexistent or in the least, poorly developed. But now, everything is so easy and quick. Truly wonderful!

One of the many highlights of this century is the social media and the other myriad of ways of talking to one another. Naming them would consume unnecessary space. But you see, the problem with our age is that of too much taking and
very little communication. Normally, one would think that with the variety of ways to reach the people you love and even meet people you don't know, that we would be communicating better. Alas, that isn't the case. If not, why are there so many problems arising almost daily in our world. Divorce, religious intolerance, political and social strife, educational breakdowns, insurgency, and all other problems we face today are clearcut examples of the fact that we talk more than we communicate.

What's the difference? Truly, I can't really say, but I feel that in communication, all parties involved are allowed to say something. You give everyone a chance to be heard. You understand each other. And that's another problem with everyone talking: no one has time to understand the other person. Every person wants to be heard, to be on top, to feel
superior. You hear such maxims like “no more inferiority complex”, forgetting the the basic things that make us human, being humane. Let me ask you a question: when someone does or says something hurtful, stupid or outright annoying, what is your first reaction? To do your own back? To prove that the person is stupid. Normally, that is the usual reaction. But what if we paused and asked ourselves, “why this action?”, “why this kind of statement?” I tell you that if we acted more like this, we will build more bridges than we an imagine.

So friends, I implore us to make maximum use of the technologies we have, let's communicate more and by this I believe we'll go a long way in solving our problems. Thanks.

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